2007-2014 Fodors Choice Award Fodor's choice

Awarded annually to the area’s top establishments.

2013-2014 People Love Us on Yelp

Awarded annually to highest reviewed business in the area

2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014 Trip Advisor Certificate of Excellence 


“The familial vibe combined with an elegant yet unpretentious air, remarkable food and attentive service make it worth the trip.”

-Off Metro, New York Edition. Read article here.

“One of Down East’s most highly feted restaurants, Arborvine in Blue Hill earns its stars for a lush, idyllic setting and an imaginative, farm- and sea-to-table menu that would fetch higher prices in foodie-centric Portland, Maine.”

The Washington Post. Read Article here.

“Servers full of courtesy wrap you in comfort the moment you walk in the door”

—Maine Sunday Telegram

“Arborvine, a restored 1823 house in the quietly engaging town of Blue Hill, with elegant dining rooms and cuisine that are both best described as sophisticated country.”

—Town and Country Travel

“This is the kind of place where blue jeans and a sweater are as appropriate as pearls and silk.”

—Down East Magazine

“Equally elegant and down-to-earth, Arborvine in Blue Hill is truly a family affair.”

—Down East Magazine

“The food is fresh and skillfully prepared and beautifully presented. The ambiance is charming and so is the staff. Arborvine sets a high standard”

—Maine Sunday Telegram-‘Taste & Tell’

“Yankee Magazine” Travel Guide to New England

—Editor’s Pick

“Arborvine, a must stop!”

—Miami Herald-‘Michelin Spotlight’